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Unfair Dismissal


When your employment contract is terminated and your employer did not have fair reason to do so.

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You are in a position to claim unfair dismissal against your workplace under particular grounds. Under the Unfair Dismissals Act 1997 to 2015, a dismissal that is unfair happens whenever:

    • Your employer terminates or without warning to your contract.
    • You terminate without consent to your agreement due to the conduct of the manager that is called constructive dismissal

Nevertheless, to claim for wrongful dismissal, there are options to question why this took place:

    • Question the fairness of one’s dismissal
    • Ask your employer for a written statement for the explanations of the dismissal. Your employer has a week or two to give these details for you after your request.

Automatic Unfair Dismissal

To become qualified against a claim for automatic unfair dismissal, you need to demonstare you were unfairly dismissed due to one of the following factors :

    • Trade union activities or perhaps the idea of installing a trade union
    • Religious or views which are governmental
    • Appropriate proceedings, i.e., if you’re a witness or one of many events associated with a case
    • Race
    • Colour
    • Sexual orientation
    • Age
    • Account of this Traveller Community
    • Any matters  concerning pregnancy or childbirth
    • Using the advantage of leave including maternity leave, adoptive leave, paternity leave, carers leave, parental leave, or Force leave that is Majeure
    • Confiding within the hierarchy over issues of feasible wrongdoing (which is safeguarded underneath the Protected Disclosure Act 2014)

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When it comes to cases of unfair dismissal you dont have to find an employment solicitors near you. Lexadeen Solicitors is a law firm is a highly experienced employment solicitors with one goal in mind – to deliver exceptional, affordable legal services for individuals and organisations in their personal, employment and business affairs no matter where they are. Please tell us about your case below and we will get an unfair dismisal expert on your case straight away.

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